The Way of Water – Keep it Moving

water for life

Water is essential to our lives

Water is essential to our lives. If you don’t have running water, you don’t have a running life. The water has to be there to do its thing and then depart promptly. If too little or too much is delivered, you have a problem, and if it doesn’t depart properly after carrying away wastes, you have another problem, and that can be smelly, too. Simple houses of 100-200 years ago didn’t have these things, admittedly, but the pioneers of that time survived because there were alternate ways and means to do these things that were included in their lifestyle. Today’s modern house has none of these alternatives, so if your water system fails to work properly you have to rectify the problem quickly. That is where plumbers come in. The word plumber and plumbing comes from the Latin pulmbum, meaning lead. For a long time, pipes were most easily made from lead, and this was still common 100 years ago. But we quickly learned that lead is a toxic metal, so lead was replaced by iron, copper and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). But plumbum as a root is forever entrenched in the plumbing words we use every single day.

When anything related to water and plumbing fails to work as intended, few do-it-yourselfers can really do repairs themselves. Most of us are caught scrambling for professional and experienced help. That is where the team at Bowie Maryland Plumbing Company cones to the rescue. They are experienced in handling each and every kind of plumbing problem, from clogged sewers to water heater repair or replacement. Leaky faucets, which waste water, can be fixed. They handle work on garbage disposals, slowly draining bathtubs, sump pump replacement or repair, and even non-water pipe issues like installation of a gas fireplace. They can assist in kitchen remodeling where you want to move the sink to a better spot. Call on Upper Marlboro Maryland Plumbing Company for complete plumbing service and new construction installations as well.