spy gadge

Who is leaving us these Spy Gadgets?

After Vy Qwaint made FOUND PROJECT ZORGO FOOTPRINTS & HIDDEN NOTE Exploring Old Abandoned Ghost Town in Real Life and TREASURE MAP Led Us To An ABANDONED SAFE HOUSE (Explore Project Zorgo Top Secret Clues Found), Chad and Vy spent 24 hours in the Tesla Model X and project zorgo hacked the Tesla at 3am to an abandoned haunted ghost town.

In this town they found project zorgo footprints, a secret note and a treasure map.
This map led them to a safe house where a mystery box got delivered to their front door.
Chad and Vy did an mystery box unboxing challenge haul and unboxed many things like spy gadget, ninja weapons and top secret notes and clues.
They even chopped up some fruit like the good old fruit ninja days. Chad and Vy are getting close to defeating the hackers!

Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018!


all right guys we’re at the safe house
right now yesterday someone trying to
break into the house freaky and they
left this box here for us so we actually
opened this box over in Chad’s channel
and inside the box we found a bunch of
ninja weapons and secret clues about
projects or go we need to go back into
this box find some more spy gadgets and
find some more clues
ooh this is a spy pen camera like this
before you know it very similar but our
melville’s to 1080 HP
1080p so right here that’s where the
cameras in that little hole right there
yeah it’s very hidden really hard to see
and then if you twist it there’s a
memory card holder in here so that
stores all the video files as you’re
recording on the pen exactly and then
you can dump it into your computer or
laptop to view the footage so nobody
would suspect that you’re recording them
if you have that pen on your shirt or in
your pocket or something I mean I can
barely even see that pen on your shirt
so I can be like oh hi how are you doing
are you recording me right now Chad wait
are you in there this little pen right
here that is so crazy that this pen can
record my face that’s crazy the way it’s
not gonna be what if someone was like
hey can I borrow your pen that’s gonna
be kind of suspicious that it doesn’t
spy gadget it’s always working see right
here you twist it it’s actually a real
pen tip oh my god like oh sure you can
use my pen oh okay well let’s see if it
actually does right let’s see them I
write my name look at that it does right
whoo no one would suspect a thing
but we need a spy gadget to chop open
some of this fruit though because over
on my video guys we were chopping up
this fruit and that’s where we found the
secret notes Oh what is this
are you ready I’m ready
it’s a huge fan but wait on the other
side Oh ninja blaze so many ninja blades
wow those look sharp it’s like you know
a hot day outside no big deal
but then someone like me big and strong
comes up baby give me all your money
oh don’t hurt me all right let’s go test
this weapon out to see what fruit it can
defeat oh my goodness that is cool you
know that makes the coolest sound my
favorite weapon of all it’s very girly
yeah listen to this guys wow that is
cool well you know what I think you
should chop I think I should throw this
banana at UV you think you gots the
ninja skills you’re right I’m sorry I’m
sorry for questioning your skills are
you ready
oh my goodness bu through the fan you
know what that reminds me of remember I
threw the fan and it went flying in the
air and then Atlanta landed in the trash
if you guys remember that let me know
totally broken up in Chad so is there
any secret notes like we found in my
video you see thing in there I don’t
quit there’s something right there okay
okay right in the banana DNA peasy 23
has been assigned to that mission what
does that mean I’m not sure but I’m a
little alarmed that there’s PZ 23 the
others only 13 of them they did just
post a video where they were like
recruiting more people like if you want
to join projects or go leave these
comments so maybe they got more people
to join them they must have accepted
more members that’s kind of scary
and that’s his DNA on it that other note
that we found on mine said they were
collecting youtuber DNA yeah I know
so are you trying to collect our DNA oh
let’s see if that one fits together with
the rest of our notes these notes here
we found on chance yep and those two fit
together and they say there’s a company
that’s been storing the DNA of youtubers
project journal is trying to steal I
think they’re trying to steal that DNA
of youtubers and now this is the new one
does this fit together it does really so
they’re trying to steal that DNA and
pretend PZ 23 has been assigned to that
mission okay no it doesn’t so there must
be another note that goes right here
yeah okay V we need to find some more
these notes special spy glasses
how is that a spy gadget though let me
put them on and I’ll find out oh you
look so cool V oh that’s true
you’re always cool got it so these
sunglasses here are very special there
are mirrors Oh have you see myself there
okay yeah so there’s mirror here and
here that means you can see whoever is
behind you so you can see in front and
behind so it’s like you’re having eyes
healthier all right try it out B put
those on turn around I’m gonna sneak up
on you you’ll let me know when you can
see me okay okay I’m gonna go back here
hopefully she can’t see me you were much
closer than that but I can totally see
ya all right one more test turn around
b-plus let’s make sure that you’d